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Commemorating 25 Years of the Cooperative

Socapma commitment to an improvement in the distribution of olive oil from the mountain

The cooperative celebrating 25 years of its creation with a technical conference.

"Sociedad Cooperativa Agraria Provincial Montañas de Alicante" (SOCAPMA), specializing in the production of olive oil, bet on improving the distribution of their products to try to expand market share and thereby ensure the profitability of their business. The president of the organization, María Teresa Cloquell, impact on that need to "made aware that our oil is the best", and noted that "are working" to show the public that quality. He said it is necessary to show that "the field is profitable and has a future".

Socapma, with headquarters in Muro and brings together 32 primary cooperatives from different localizations of El Comtat and la Marina Alta, celebrated yesterday the 25th anniversary of its establishment with a technical conference which examined the qualities of olive oil and the company aims to continue. The event was attended by the president of the council, José Joaquín Ripoll, and the Councillor for Agriculture, Maritina Hernández, charge, respectively, of the opening and closing. At the opening of the session the president of the cooperative stressed the "challenge" to continue "transforming" to open the "modernity" and "proceed with a project that excites us and has much to say in the future of the Mountains of Alicante".

Cloquell recalled the "historic decision" which involved the creation of Socapma, because it was "the most ambitious private project had met these regions". In this sense, the mayor of Muro Rafael Climent, which is a company stressed that "backbone" of the mountain municipalities and "helps keep our landscape and our customs". Therefore, the cooperative said his "congratulations" for the 25th anniversary and the work along all this time. For his part, José Joaquín Ripoll showed the willingness of the council to "push" as much as possible to "work in the promotion and distribution" of the oils of Socapma. The provincial president of the institution said that "everyone is convinced" the quality of this product but that "we must sell it because it is very good and is our". Therefore, reiterated his desire to continue collaborating in the dissemination with actions such as trade fairs and events that showcase the tourism of the Costa Blanca.


New line of high-end oils.

Socapma has released this year for the first time a line of high-end oils, under the brand Aitana, which relies on capturing new market niches. The director of the cooperative , Javier Ruiz, indicated that this product has come to the fair Gourmet of Madrid and it has also started to be sold in department stores. While maintaining the range of organic oils, with the brand Montcabrer, while more conventional lines are marketed with labels of Mariola an Lucentum. The director explained that after 25 years "now we have to take the third step" which is the final conquest of markets through the promotion. This is today "what is lacking", said to a cooperative "established as a producer" and consolidated in their immediate environment.

Source: A. Teruel. Diario Información,

Photographs: Rubén Cervera

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