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The olive oil from Montaña de Alicante and health

Health and olive oil from Alicante´s Mountains

Olive oil is one of the foods we should consume on a regular basis, not only to safeguard against cancer - as various university studies have demonstrated - but also to keep ourselves healthy. It has a wide range of beneficial properties to health and they make it a vital element in any good healthy diet.

  • Their pleasantly bitter flavour guarantees their high content of polyphenols and antioxidants. These substances are anti-carcinogenic, they delay cell ageing and help avoid diseases like Alzheimer.
  • It is the only natural olive oil which is obtained from exclusively mechanical procedures. It is a juice which has no additives nor preservatives.
  • It is the oil which contributes the most vitamins: E, A and D.
  • It is the most wholesome, healthiest and easiest to digest. As it is natural, it is a nutritional product which does not make you put on weight.
  • As it can be reused more times, it is more economical (seven fries compared with two for other olive oils).
  • It is the one which lends the best flavour to sauces, salads and stews.
  • As it can attain temperatures exceeding 180°C, foods can be fried better.
  • It contains oleic acid which, when raw, is beneficial to bone growth and the development of the brain and the nervous system.
  • It does not produce cholesterol and is a magnificent ally against circulatory and cardiovascular diseases.
  • It is very good for the skin owing to its contribution of vitamin E.

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