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  • The extra virgin olive oil obtained under our brands derives from the olive groves of the districts of EL COMTAT, L’ALCOIÀ, LA MARINA BAIXA AND LA MARINA ALTA, near the Mediterranean sea; they are situated in our fields surrounded by almonds, vineyards, cherries and aromatic herbs; this circumstance lends our extra virgin olive oils an exclusive, characteristic aroma and flavour which convey the marked essence and personality of their Mediterranean nature.
  • The predominant varieties of olives we have are Blanqueta, Manzanilla and Alfafarenca. Their pleasantly bitter flavour guarantees the high content of polyphenols and antioxidants accumulated by our oil. These substances delay cell ageing and help avoid diseases like Alzheimer.

Our brands include three product ranges: on the one hand, the line of extra virgin olive oil, on the other, the line of gourmet extra virgin olive oil and finally, the ecologically produced extra virgin olive oil line.

Extra Virgin/Virgin Brands

Gourmet Brands

Organic Brands

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