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SOCAPMA Cooperative

Extra-virgin olive oil for a healthy diet and pleasure enjoying a meal

We have been defending the quality of the extra virgin olive oil from Montaña de Alicante since 1983 when we decided to combine the production of the liquid treasure we have been extracting from our olive groves. Situated in a privileged natural landscape, we know that there is no oil like ours and we strive every day to ensure that the whole world knows.

Here at SOCAPMA we produce with a view to:

  • Respecting the natural environment of the Alicante mountains and their ecosystem.
  • Preparing natural products, offering consumers great health benefits, nutrition and flavour.
  • Looking after food safety.
  • Stimulating the activity of the cooperative by diversifying and creating different types and qualities of the final product.

In a space of 1800 m2, we harvest the olives from the different cooperatives in order to grind them. We carry out this process, known as milling, with a mill, blender and horizontal and vertical centrifuge. The system used in said procedure is called an ongoing system and it is exclusively mechanical. The final result is expressed by the transformation of an olive with unique properties into an extra virgin olive oil endowed with exceptional characteristics.

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