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Our Oil

Extra-virgin olive oil obtained directly from olives by mechanical means.

The extra virgin olive oil from Montaña de Alicante is obtained from olives grown in olive groves situated in wonderful environmental surroundings. This enables us to obtain a top-quality, unique olive juice, vital in any good healthy diet. It is ideal for salads as well as for seasoning raw or fried foods.

The olive groves of Montaña de Alicante are surrounded by cherry and almond groves and the aromas of camomile, rosemary, thyme, sage, savory and all those herbs that lend our extra virgin oil this so characteristic scent and unique flavour.

Technically speaking, it never exceeds 0.8º of acidity and when tasting the score is always equal to or higher than 6.5 points, placing our oil - obtained directly from olives and solely by means of mechanical procedures - into a higher category.

We produce different oil varieties:

  • Bottled oil:

    Gourmet quality extra virgin olive oil.

    Ecological extra virgin olive oil.

    Extra virgin olive oil.

    Virgin olive oil.

  • Bulk oil:

    Lower quality oil can only be sold in tanks.


Competitive advantages

  • Here at SOCAPMA we bring together numerous agricultural cooperatives, making us into suppliers endowed with a large quantity of stock.
  • The quality characteristics, exclusive exquisite taste and greater excellence transmit to our oil a series of emotional incentives expressed in terms of terms of effort, history, freshness, nature and know-how.
  • The closeness to the sea may remind us of holidays, producing well-being
  • The privileged natural environment in which our olive groves are situated 50 km away from the Mediterranean sea has turned us into the Spanish Tuscany of Olive Oil and lends our olive juice unique characteristics in terms of aroma and flavour.
  • The nutritional properties of the Olive Oil from Montañas de Alicante constitute a major contribution to in terms of benefits to health, impacting our physical and well-being and hence making us happy.
  • We wholly control the production process from procurement to commercialisation.
  • We offer a competitive price-quality ratio.
  • We can carry out a coupage of the blanqueta, manzanilla, alfafarenca and arbequina varieties.

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