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The EC brings industry and consumers together to address quality olive oil

The European Commission (EC) brings representatives of producers, consumers and the hospitality industry together to discuss measures to improve the quality of olive oil, once Brussels has withdrawn its proposal to ban refillable oilers.

"There is a meeting this afternoon about olive oil", Community spokesman confirmed Agriculture, Roger Waite, he made clear that the EU proposal "is no longer on the agenda".


He recalled that, as agreed after the withdrawal of the proposal, the EC organized this meeting in order to "hear opinions and ideas" about the best ways to "achieve the objectives of strengthening the quality of olive oil and improving consumer information".

"It is a meeting that is not intended to be conclusive" highlighted Waite.

The European Commission defended prohibit the use of reusable oilers European settlements from next January 1 in order to preclude any kind of consumer fraud with mixtures of oils of different quality and origin.

However the criticism that the measure received in several EU countries, although it had the support of fifteen Member States - including Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece, the main producers - were turned back to the Commission, which eventually withdrew the proposal.

Ciolos then announced that it would submit a new initiative after discussing the issue in depth with representatives of consumers and the hospitality industry.

The spokesman stressed that the Commission continues to monitor the sector and "the problems posed by deceptive practices"

He also noted that the EC is working on the implementation of an action plan about olive oil released last year, which provides various measures to strengthen controls and product quality, "not only at European level but also at international level" he concluded.

Source: UE Aceite, Euroefe.

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